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Recurring House Cleaning Service

Your time is valuable, and with our recurring house cleaning service, you never have to spend your time cleaning but can enjoy a clean and safe home. At Cheyenne Mountain Cleaning Services, we offer flexible scheduling for cleaning that best suits your needs and lifestyle.

Daily House Cleaning

Our professional cleaners come to your home for daily maintenance cleaning. We focus on cleaning the rooms in your home that get everyday use and build up the most grime like kitchen, bathrooms, and living areas.

Weekly House Cleaning

Our weekly cleaning is available for clients who want to maintain a clean house but do not need daily maintenance. Choose the day that best fits your weekly schedule and create a checklist of tasks completed weekly.

Bi-Weekly House Cleaning

When weekly cleaning is not necessary, the bi-weekly cleaning option is perfect. It frees up your time from strenuous cleaning and offers more freedom in your schedule. Book our recurring house cleaning service.

Monthly House Cleaning

Our monthly cleaning schedule returns your house to a sparkling clean state for the month. You maintain the cleanliness throughout the month, but there is never a build-up of dirt and germs.

Quarterly House Cleaning

Scheduling quarterly house cleaning is convenient for clients who do light cleaning on their own but enjoy the feeling of a clean and sanitized baseline. It allows flexibility while helping the home feel clean without building dirt and grime throughout the year.

Holidays House Cleaning

The holiday season means our home needs to be clean and ready for holiday decorations and guests. It is also a busy time where we would rather spend time with our families instead of cleaning. Scheduling a holiday house cleaning is stress-free and will get your house ready to sparkle.

Special Occasions House Cleaning

Life is full of special occasions for which you need a clean house, whether a party or welcoming a new baby. There are also occasions like sickness, mourning, or even after a party where a clean house is the last thing on your mind. Cheyenne Mountain Cleaning Services has a convenient schedule for special occasion cleaning.

Short Term Rental Property Cleaning

Short term rental properties need to be cleaned between each guest. It can be time-consuming to do it properly without professional cleaners. Cheyenne Mountain Cleaning Services has the availability to clean short term rental properties in a timely and professional manner.

Book Our Recurring House Cleaning Service

Your time is valuable, and so is a clean house. Cheyenne Mountain Cleaning Services offers you both. With our recurring house cleaning, you can choose the schedule that best fits your lifestyle to maintain a clean home while still having time for the things you enjoy. We use individualized cleaning checklists to ensure your home is cleaned the way you need.

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