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Kitchen Deep Cleaning Service

Enjoy a sparkling clean kitchen with our kitchen deep cleaning service that sanitizes all areas from ceiling to floor including your appliances and cabinetry. The kitchen is the heart of the home and can often be the most challenging place in the home to clean. We are eager to provide you with an Elite clean and healthy environment.

Kitchen Deep Clean

Our kitchen deep clean service at Cheyenne Mountain Cleaning Services tackles every corner of your kitchen. We work through a detailed checklist to ensure your kitchen is clean and healthy for your family. Our kitchen deep clean service includes counters, cabinets, stove, oven, refrigerator, walls, and sink. Appliances, decorations, or kitchen utensils on the countertops accumulate more bacteria than anything else. 

Our professionals will carefully sanitize them and the counter around them. We sweep and mop the floor, paying particular attention to the kitchen floor in front of the sink, which is the average of the dirtiest flooring in the home. We empty the trash and wipe down trashcans to eliminate germs and odors from discarded food and debris. We focus on sanitizing and making all surfaces safe and clean.

If you need more than the kitchen deep cleaned, please see our House Deep Clean Service.

Kitchen Deep Clean Cost

At Cheyenne Mountain Cleaning Services, our deep cleaning service is a popular choice for busy families that need that extra help to keep their home clean and safe from contamination. We have a flexible schedule to complete a kitchen deep cleaning service at your convenience as a one-time service or reoccurring service. We offer comprehensive quotes and pricing options depending on your kitchen deep cleaning needs.

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