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A La Carte Cleaning Service

At Cheyenne Mountain Cleaning Services, we understand that every cleaning job is different and offer you the freedom of choice with our A La Carte House Cleaning Services. We specialize in creating personalized cleaning checklists for each client, so you get exactly the cleaning service you need.

Our A La Carte Cleaning Services:

Kitchen Cleaning Service

Kitchen deep cleaning is one of the most popular cleaning choices. It includes hood cleaning, appliance cleaning, oven deep cleaning, and cleaning all kitchen cabinets, countertops, table and chairs, fixtures, and floors.

Bathroom Cleaning Service

The bathroom is one of the germiest rooms in the house. Bathroom deep cleaning includes toilet, bathtub, shower, and surfaces like mirrors, countertops, fixtures, and flooring.

Living Area Cleaning Service

Many day-to-day living activities happen in shared living spaces that can get especially grimy and cluttered. Cleaning living areas include baseboard cleaning, floors, dusting, and wiping down surfaces. Baseboard deep cleaning is available if needed.

Floor Cleaning Service

Our experienced cleaners have experience cleaning all types of flooring, including carpets, hardwood floors, tile, grout, vinal, and baseboards cleaning. We use only the best products for floor polishing, tile cleaning, and grout cleaning to maintain and extend the life of your flooring.

Vent Cleaning Service

Vents control airflow throughout the home. Vent cleaning ensures that they are clean and circulating clean air instead of dust and allergens in the air.

Fan Cleaning Service

Fans can be out of sight and mind but may become caked in dirt, dust, and grime. Fan cleaning is essential to ensure the fans circulate clean air, including ceiling and bathroom vent fans.

Laundry Service

Free up your valuable time with our laundry service. Our cleaners will wash, fold, and put away laundry and linens for you while they clean your home.

Window Cleaning Service

Windows bring light into the home but are often most noticeable when dirty. Our window cleaning removes mineral build-up, dirt, and stains from window glass, windowsills, and blind cleaning. Professional blind cleaning will bring life back to your windows.

Short Term Rental Property Cleaning Service

Owning a short term rental property supplements your income but takes a lot of work to maintain. Our short term rental property cleaning will keep your investment fresh for each new booking to hold your ranking and reviews online and happy guests.

A La Carte Cleaning Product

Each cleaning job is different. We work closely with you at Cheyenne Mountain Cleaning Services to create personalized cleaning checklists. You can choose the cleaning services you need from our A La Carte House Cleaning menu. Give the specific areas of your home precisely the cleaning services they need without paying for unnecessary extras.

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